Drosera (also known as Sundew) is one of the largest genera of carnivorous plants in the world. Both Latin and common names are derived from the appearance which resembles morning dew. There are many Drosera species which are distinguished by various forms and sizes:  Australian Drosera pygmaea is the smallest one with its 5 mm long leaves while the largest Drosera grows up to 60 cm and is known as the King Sundew. Drosera captures and digests insects using its leaves, and then absorbs nutrients from their bodies. The borders and upper surface of the leaves are covered by glaring gluey drops which release a special secretion when the insect gets into the trap. The plant’s tentacles produce a glue-like substance which contains alkaloid Coniine and causes paralytic reactions in prey. Sundews are able to move and curve their tentacles in order to maximize their contact with prey — so dramatic!